HP&A Solutions, a Chippewa Valley company, was formed to offer needed support for businesses in the areas of accounting and payroll.  The accounting, payroll and business experience we have as a team promises to be invaluable for small and mid-size companies and their respective owners as they work to grow their organizations.  We provide companies with a variety of solutions, from basic accounting and payroll assistance to cash flow management and budgeting assistance.  We customize our services to your company’s needs and can provide as much or as little assistance as you need.

Christine Dusick
Accounting Consultant

Christine is an accounting consultant at HP&A Solutions. Christine has held many positions in the accounting field, including Bookkeeper, Analyst, and Finance Director, for over 20 years in a variety of industries ranging from small businesses to large publicly held corporations. She has a Bachelor’s degree in both Accounting and Business Administration. Currently Christine works with a variety of industries with HP&A Solutions from non-profit organizations to small businesses.

Cathy Chan, CPA
Owner/Accounting Consultant

Cathy has over 20 years of experience in the accounting profession, including as the Chief Financial Officer at a large organization based in Eau Claire. After earning her Bachelor of Science degree in Accounting, she earned her CPA License and worked at a CPA firm for five years. Forming HP&A Solutions has provided her the opportunity to reconnect with the small to mid-sized business community where her career started and where she had always wanted to return. As an owner in HP&A Solutions, she enjoys having the ability to provide owners and managers a resource to help their business run more efficiently!

Rick Lambrecht

Rick has served as President/Owner of several companies in various industries for over 30 years. His growth and vision has included fostering business and real estate strategies that achieved continued growth and diversification thru long-term planning, investment and development.